We’re vulnerable here – the royal “we” because I didn’t make these lessons alone.

They came about through a special group of people who gathered for 90 minute stints to hammer out these choices and ideas. We loved the word of God, our Anglican heritage, and the children of Church of the Apostles. We weren’t theologians. And we never became print format geniuses. But we had fun. And we’d do it again.

We believed that Sunday School teachers were knowledgeable. We knew that group dynamics were varied. We laughed that some of us did crafts every week and some of us


We’d thrown away a lot of curriculum aids that still had the plastic wrap attached. And we’d skimmed over enough pages of extras in the teacher manuals that we could have passed for second year seminarians – don’t they have lots of required reading they never do just like history majors? Wait, I digress …

What I’m saying is that you may laugh when you click this link and see that we worked from ONE PAGE LESSON PLANS. But if you think about it, then you’ll probably agree that one page is MORE THAN ENOUGH. They serve the purpose of telling you what you should teach, but they don’t dictate how you do that. You wanna sing – we’ll offer you a suggestion. You like games – we have one that you might want to try. Most weeks we did not do most of this stuff suggested here on these fifteen pages.


If you can relate to any of this, then grab these while you can because we may yank them off here at any moment. Seriously – they’re that amateur looking. (Yeah, we promise to replace them with something same but better when we do.)

FYI: All those areas shaded grey that contain catechism Q/A’s????? Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try to teach them to your children. They were supposed to remind us WHY we chose these themes/texts. So please abide by this disclaimer.

If you find the left hand column confusing, then you are requested to delete it from your screen or use a paper cutter (with adult supervision) and cut off your print copies. 

NOW, click here –

A fall lessons


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