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Adventure Week Six

Adventure Week Six was a weekend retreat with the bible study girls. 

And most of what happens at Lake Lure, NC, stays at Lake Lure. Have you seen the afore pictured movie?

Yes, there was a little Dirty Dancing.

And singing.

We stayed in Dancing Falls Lodge.


My car with a flat tire sat right in this drive, facing the front door until the kind man sent by AAA came.


And then after I returned from getting that tire replaced, I realized that I had worn leggings and this tshirt off site –

I was right at home in the Hendersonville Walmart, they said.

I got in this hot tub once. Alone. Bliss.


I slept on this couch. Don’t feel sorry. It was the bottom level introvert escape zone and the couch made into a bed.

But I didn’t pull it out. Who doesn’t love a nap on a couch? I got two great nights of sleep on that thing!

And I helped cook some awesome meals in this small kitchen.

Thank you, Pioneer Woman. We love you.

God was so present among these seventeen of his daughters. Three of them were extremely vulnerable sharing parts of their faith story.

You had to be there.

But, listen, it’s Valentine’s weekend. And I want to remind you that you are his beloved.

And if you’re in love with someone, or not…

You’ll learn a bit about LOVE in this clip from my favorite Bible Video guys!




An introverted teacher who's escaped to home but still loves to share the story.

3 thoughts on “Adventure Week Six

  1. She’s being modest. She did the cooking (and all the planning of the meals). We did a little of the helping. And, the meals were delicious.


  2. I loved every single part of our weekend. I’m especially grateful for your thoughtfulness and time making sure we were fed with the most delicious food!


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